New publication introducing MEndoB: A revolutionary precision antimicrobial against Staphylococcal infections.

Micreos is delighted to introduce MEndoB, a revolutionary protein-based antimicrobial created through our Antimicrobial Protein Engineering platform. MEndoB belongs to our next generation of engineered lysins, a class of enzymes with peptidoglycan hydrolase functionality that enzymatically break down bacterial cell walls, ensuring swift and precise action against specific bacterial species while preserving the beneficial bacteria within our microbiomes.

Through a team effort with our collaborators Prof. Steffi Lehmann from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), and Prof. Dr. med. Annelies Zinkernagel from the University Hospital Zurich, we demonstrate how MEndoB can successfully eradicate established staphylococcal infections in zebrafish and mouse models. MEndoB also produces rapid and sustained activity against staphylococci in human serum, and presents synergistic activity with a range of conventional antibiotic therapies. Publication link:

Precision Engineering: This study underscores the importance of a meticulous lead candidate selection processes. MEndoB is a multidomain enzyme constructed from select libraries of enzymatic and cell wall binding domains that were carefully chosen for their effectiveness against staphylococci. Positioned to set new standards in the ongoing fight against staphylococcal colonisation, MEndoB represents a significant advancement for treating a wide range of diseases. MEndoB is highly versatile and can be administered both systemically and topically.

Partnership Opportunities: At Micreos, we specialize in developing new classes of precision antimicrobials. Our Antimicrobial Protein and Antimicrobial Vector (based on genetically engineered phages) platforms produce bespoke antimicrobials suitable for a broad spectrum of applications including pharmaceuticals and medical devices. All our antimicrobials are designed to target specific bacterial pathogens that leave the healthy microbiome intact.

For further information and inquiries about our partnership models for designing, testing, and manufacturing precision antimicrobials, please contact: Albert Teilmann, Head of Business Development