Micreos Pharmaceuticals welcomes Trine Ahlgreen and Carsten Edwards to its Executive team to accelerate its next phase of development

Zug, Switzerland, 5-April 2022 — Micreos Pharmaceuticals today announces the expansion of its leadership team to include Trine Ahlgreen as Chief Business Officer and Carsten Edwards as Chief Development Officer. Their significant leadership experience within large, global pharmaceutical organisations will enable Micreos to accelerate the journey of developing viable alternatives to traditional antibiotics in select medical indications by leveraging proprietary endolysin technology, which selectively targets and kills harmful bacteria while preserving the rest of the microbiome.

The addition of Trine Ahlgreen and Carsten Edwards to the senior team represents an important step forward in building the strategic capabilities to make the right choices in the months and years ahead.

As Chief Business Officer, Trine Ahlgreen is responsible for building-out the pharmaceutical business strategy including commercial input into the development program and the selection & prioritisation of new indications where bacteria are the underlying pathogen. She will also be responsible for forging partnerships with pharma and diagnostic companies to design the go-to-market strategies and deliver solutions to improve patient standards-of-care. Trine has spent the last 20 years at Novo Nordisk in various geographies leading marketing and sales operations across the company’s portfolio.

Carsten Edwards brings 30 years of diverse experience in value, access, pricing, and health economics outcomes functions across companies including Novo Nordisk, AbbVie, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Carsten has also worked in consultancy and is a recognised expert in drug development and the data packages required to secure global patient access. As Chief Development Officer, Carsten will lead Micreos Pharmaceuticals’ entire drug development programs, including pre-clinical, analytical methods development, API manufacturing, and drug formulation development, to optimise therapeutic effect and to maximise patient outcomes

“We are delighted to expand our senior team at this critical moment in the Micreos Pharmaceuticals’ journey and to attract people of the calibre of Carsten and Trine into our organisation. They are among the very best people in our industry,” said Matt Regan, CEO of Micreos Pharmaceuticals, who joined the company in October 2021. “Trine and Carsten bring significant pharmaceutical industry experience, success, and know-how that will help us to make the right choices in early drug discovery and in our pharmaceutical development programs to ensure that we are raising the standards of care for patients in our selected disease areas.”

About Micreos Pharmaceuticals

Micreos Pharmaceuticals develops new biological therapies based on the targeted killing of unwanted bacteria, which has medical potential in a broad range of applications. The company is viewed as a global leader in this field. Its proprietary endolysin technology has been created together with the Swiss Federal Technology Institute, ETH in Zurich.

Micreos Pharmaceuticals is located in Zug, Switzerland and has a Drug discovery / Technology research centre in Zurich, Switzerland with a Drug development & Clinical operation in Bilthoven in the Netherlands.

About Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

AMR is an issue of growing global importance which results in 750,000 deaths per year. It occurs when pathogens adapt so that the drugs used to treat infections become less effective. If not addressed, the spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens could continue to rise, leading to highly dangerous superbugs. The number of annual global deaths from AMR is projected to increase to 10 million by 2050 — which is more people than die globally of cancer today – unless successful alternatives to antibiotics are developed.

Micreos Pharmaceuticals intends to play a very significant role in addressing AMR and the great unmet medical need for a safe alternative to antibiotics.