Micreos is a platform biotech company focused on discovering and developing recombinant proteins for chronic Dermatology / Oncology conditions

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About Micreos

Our engineered endolysin technology quickly kills gram-positive bacteria while leaving the healthy microbiome intact.

Endolysins are associated with a low risk of resistance development and this unlocks an entirely new way of treating a wide range of diseases, especially in chronic conditions.

Micreos is specialised in dermatology and derm-oncology with our 2 lead development candidates focused on eliminating Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) colonisation in patients living with Atopic Dermatitis (AD) and Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL).

S. aureus is a common bacteria that is known to cause significant patient morbidity and mortality globally. S. aureus is found on around 20-30% of healthy people, but in chronic conditions like CTCL and Atopic Dermatitis, the rate is as high as 80%. S. aureus worsens clinical outcomes through the release of toxins and super-antigens leading to the proliferation of malignant T-cells in CTCL and more frequent and more severe flare in Atopic Dermatitis.

Our vision is to fully maximise the potential of our engineered endolysin and antimicrobial vectors platforms to transform the treatment of a broader range of bacteria-induced diseases.

Leadership team

The past, present and future of Micreos is the result of the talent and integrity of outstanding individuals at every level of the business. Here we showcase the senior team at Micreos, to give an insight into our highly driven team:

CEO, Matt Regan

30+ years of Pharma, Med-Tech & Diagnostic experience spanning the entire value-chain from drug discovery & development to manufacturing to commercial leadership in large, global healthcare organizations.

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CBO, Trine Ahlgreen

20+ years of pharma experience in global, regional and affiliate roles in a large pharmaceutical company.

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CDO, Carsten Edwards

30+ years of diverse experience in drug development, pharmaceutical value, access & pricing, as well as a renowned expert on health economic outcomes research.

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Head of Finance, Martin Vlasaty

10+ years of big pharma, diagnostic & biotech finance experience across the value chain in global, regional and local affiliate roles in Switzerland, US, Czech Republic and Germany.

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CSO, Matthew Dunne

Internationally recognized expert with 14+ years of experience in endolysin research, genetic engineering, and the development of protein-based antimicrobials and diagnostics.

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CHRO, Bonnie Veerhook

Successfully built the Arena Pharma international HR function and managed the subsequent transition to Pfizer post-acquisition.

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Our vision

Our vision is to fully maximise the potential of our engineered endolysin and antimicrobial vectors platforms to transform the treatment of a broader range of bacteria-induced diseases. We haveĀ  an industry leading discovery and development pipeline with:

  • 2 engineered endolysins in Development
  • 4 engineered endolysins ready for out-licensing
  • 6 new engineered endolysins and antimicrobial vectors in Discovery
  • A world-class team and a state-of-the art laboratory ready for partnering on new bacterial targets and diseases

We are keen to establish partnerships with relevant academic and commercial organisations with the same goal.

Micreos pipeline

*Data from a phase I/II study in patients with AD (n=39; 13 placebo and 26 active treatment) shows that XZ.700 in concentrations up to 100 ug/g is safe and well tolerated for twice daily administration for up to 14 days to patients with mild to moderate AD.

We welcome collaboration with partners who share our ambition, please contact Trine Ahlgreen:

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